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Tesha Akins becomes the first person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. A member of the Environmental Tech team, Tesha ensures the hospital’s COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit remains sterile.


Dennis smokes in the chilly air of 12 South, where construction on a new hotel is starting.


Holland, a nonbinary sex worker and OnlyFans model, performs at a Halloween Drag Ball.


After Nashville’s Christmas Day Bombing, Luann takes shelter at War Memorial Plaza on 6th Ave, where many experiencing homelessness often go to sleep.


Xtiana, a protestor with the People’s Plaza, stands in the streetlight outside the Tennessee State Capitol.


Osman smokes during his break from construction work on Broadway.

Secret Service

A US Secret Service officer stands guard outside the JW Marriott in Nashville, where President Donald Trump is hosting a lunch before the final 2020 Presidential Debate.


Montez “C-TEZ” Jones, a leader in Louisville’s protests for Breonna Taylor, celebrates during a march of thousands on the Kentucky Derby.